Big Dog Murphy's music projects are quite diverse:  Solo, The MOB, and Street Corner Prophets.

Performing "solo," his songs are much different than those he plays with his band, the MOB.  His "solo" performances are very reminiscent of the old "coffeehouse" days!  Although, Big Dog only knows one way to play and sing, honest, heart-felt and aggressive!

The MOB is a three to five piece, electric, blues based combo.  The MOB offers both covers and original blues, as well as some older classic rock material given the MOB's blues-based style.  As one young fan said, after spending an evening with the MOB, "I did not expect those old guys to play so young!  WOW!"  

Now, Street Corner Prophets (SCP), is a newer project undertaken by the Big Dog, and is a world apart from the MOB as well.  SCP is an all acoustic band ranging in size from a duo to five pc.  SCP will perform covers and Big Dog's originals that he feels are more suited to an acoustic presentation.  But, still very aggressive, and every bit as soulful and raw as his other projects.

So, whatever the venues' needs, Big Dog Murphy can do it all!



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