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Frank "Frog" Seebantz


Michael "Big Dog" Murphy 




The blues that Michael Murphy and The MOB plays is a combined influence of all music to which they found themselves drawn to. This style could be called "MemCago" blues because he is heavily influenced by the Memphis sound - Sun, Ardent, Stax records, as well as that great Chicago sound. They have taken all these influences, melded them with their own experiences and what is called "inner vibrations", and developed their own unique sound, one that combines Murphy's gravely voice and over-driven guitar, Harley Pryne's creative approach to drumming, and Dave Johnson's aggressive, unique style of playing bass to produce what folks have come to call "Big Dog's Blues."



“A true blues experience. Michael “Big Dog” Murphy and the MOB bring their soulful talent to every show. Murphy’s voice can only be surpassed by his hypnotic flair on the guitar.” - Kelly Koroll, Owner of Déjà vu Martini Lounge – Appleton, Wis.

"Michael Murphy and his MOB are one of the longest running blues bands in Wisconsin for a reason!"- Frank Seebantz, FrogWayz Productions.

Mike Murphy and the MOB are one of our most favorite blues bands that plays at Classic's Restaurant & Lounge. Murphy has a feel to his music that makes you sit forward in your seat and listen. The whole band is extremely talented and fun to listen to. If you stop in to see Michael Murphy and his" Men of Blues" make sure you get a good seat because you won't leave till the music is done.” - Melanie Demaskie, band booking, Classic's Restaurant & Lounge, Shawano, Wis.

"A welcome addition to the Midwest blues scene." - Tom Radai, president, Wisconsin Blues Society

“When I was asked to head up a summer concert series, “Big Dog” was the first person I called, and for good reason. His pure blues sound blew the audience away for our first show. I knew he was the perfect choice.” – John Grones, coordinator, St. Paul Summer Concert Series, Combined Locks, Wis.



Murphy plays with such a passion, putting all his energy into his singing and playing that he doesn’t even know you are there. This hypnotic performance will keep the audience in a trance, tuned into the music, the entire time.

FULL BAND - Michael Murphy and The MOB
The full band experience speaks for itself. Between Michael's original songs and the songs he and his band cover, but never copy, the audience is assured of a show that's always fresh and exciting. The audience will have smiles as they watch the band interact with each other, often encouraging one another with smiles and nods. With the full band you not only get the great music, but the banter, emotion, and laughter that sets them apart from other bands. The audience can easily see that these guys are not only lovers of the blues, but also of music and performing!


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